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Welcome to, the only place you get paid to watch porn! We know its confusing, you didn't misread that. We really pay you to watch the hottest new porn titles. Why would anyone pay you to watch porn you ask? Well, it's actually very common practice for receiving feedback in non adult productions. We just took the concept and applied it to everyones favorite type of videos to watch.

How does it work? It's pretty simple, you Sign Up for a free account, provide your email address and billing information along with a valid credit card for age verification. You MUST provide a valid credit card to verify your age and be eligible to rate adult rated videos. This is for your protection and that of minors.

Once you verify your age and login, you will see your control panel where you may select which DVD to review first. Select the DVD you want to review. At this time you will be charged a $0.99 streaming and insurance fee to ensure we get a valid review in return, and you're not just free loading porn! You will get your .99 cents back in the next step.

Submit your review once you're done watching and you will be credited $1.50 to your account. Once your account reaches a $10 balance, you may withdraw funds via check or keep it growing.

Join thousands of regular people making money rating adult DVDs. It's an easy and fun way to make extra money from home.


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